Tika Sumpter

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At the Madison Hotel, Jim and Candace are basking in the afterglow of their afternoon together. "What did you do to me?" Jim asks.

"You were sleepwalking through life, my friend," she says. "I woke you up."

Jim says that when Candace threatened to go to the press, he was angry—but that he also thought it might not have been the worst thing to happen to him. "My life is monotonous, so enclosed," he says. "First, marrying Katheryn Hardgrave and the pressure from that, then being a judge and now running for governor. But I think it would be much more peaceful if I got rid of it, all of it, gone."

Candace says he wants to throw away everything she's ever wanted. "Find freedom inside of your situation," she says. "That's what I had to do."

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Jim asks how Candace got to be so smart. "You could have run a Fortune 500 company with your drive and tenacity," he says. "You should put those skills into something good."

Jim then asks why she's there with him, adding, "Aside from the fact that I know you're probably planning another scheme."

Candace says she feels safe with him. Jim says she appears to have daddy issues. "I didn't know my father. He walked out on my mother when I was 3," she says. "I saw him twice: once for my ninth birthday, and the other time was when I was 11. He was in the back of a police car for hitting my mother. I've never seen him again."

"Is this where I'm supposed to extend the sympathy?" Jim asks.

"I don't need your sympathy. I have your wallet," Candace says playfully.