Thomas Moore: "God Is in the Space Between Sentences"

Season 6 Episode 618
Aired on 10/18/2015 | CC tv-14
Thomas Moore has spent decades searching for the answers to big questions. The respected scholar lived for 13 years as a Roman Catholic monk, earned a doctorate in religious studies and published 16 books on related topics. Along his journey, he discovered that the word "God" may not be an adequate description of the divine presence at the heart of everything.

"Most of the time when I hear the word 'God,' it's very limited. It's not this infinite, mysterious, unknowable factor," he says. As Thomas wrote in his best-selling book A Religion of One's Own, "God is in the space between sentences."

Thomas says that there are moments, such as when his daughter was hurt, when he immediately turns to God and prays. In those emotional, urgent moments, a simple, direct approach feels right, he says. However, when discussing or writing about theology, he tries to evoke a sense of the infinite. "If I kept using the word 'God,' I don't think I'd be able to do it," he says.

Watch as Thomas explains why he seeks alternative terminology for the mysterious, omnipotent power at the center of his faith.