There's no better way to spend Sunday morning than feeding your soul with friends, family and "Super Soul Sunday"! So why not feed everyone breakfast at the same time? We've got everything you need to host a "Super Soul Sunday" viewing party. Get recipe ideas, downloadable games and more below!
Oprah's Corn Fritters

Plan a sweet or savory spread with a few of our favorite foods to eat before noon. Encourage guests to bring a favorite family recipe—along with enough recipe cards to pass around.

Rainn Wilson

You've seen Rainn Wilson and the SoulPancake team serve up answers to life's big questions. Celebrate them with a spread of "soul" pancakes.

Irish Coffee


Hot or cold—adult or kid-friendly—these beverages will hit the spot for every guest.
Oprah and Deepak Chopra GO SOUL TO SOUL
Each week, Oprah's guests participate in a round of Soul to Soul Q&A. Now, you can explore life's big questions with your loved ones. Get the conversation started by downloading and printing the PDFs below. Then, cut out each individual question card. Leave them around your house as conversation starters, or take turns drawing a question from a pile.
Oprah and Deepak Chopra DÉCOR AND MORE
Celebrate the people around you and the wisdom they bring into your life. Write thoughtful notes to your guests on their place cards. For added ambience, print out your favorite Breathing Space photos and display them around the room. When it comes time to watch the show, have plenty of pillows and throw blankets at the ready for your guests to cozy up with. Plus, get more hosting tips here: