Paulo Coelho: "If You Think Big, Your World Will Be Big"

Season 5 Episode 525
Aired on 09/14/2014 | CC tv-14
Paulo Coelho was a young man with a dream to become a famous and respected author. Today, he is just that, with 31 books under his belt. His seminal work, The Alchemist, is celebrating its 25th anniversary, has sold 65 million copies worldwide and serves as a spiritual guide for a multitude of people.

Looking back, Paulo can see how writing The Alchemist was a self-fulfilling prophecy. "I went through all these ordeals in my life," he says in the video above. "Then, one day, I write this book that is, let's be honest, much better than I am. So one day, you manifest something. This is the real alchemy."

Watch as Paulo discusses what happens when you think big and believe in possibility.

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