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Day 1: Defining True Happiness
What is your definition of a happy life? Are you living it? Do you remember to include yourself in your definition? Think carefully on this because your definition of happiness will influence every other significant decision in your life. For instance, if you think happiness is outside you, you will turn happiness into a search, a pursuit or a destination; whereas if you know happiness is inside you, then happiness becomes a compass, a guide and an enabler that helps you to live a rich life.

Be Happy Exercise: There is a world of difference between searching for happiness and following your joy. Your first assignment is to reflect on the question, When am I at my happiest? Identify what inspires you, nourishes you and fans the flames of joy within. Being clear about this will help you to be true to yourself, to be honest, to make better choices and to have the courage to say a big YES to what really matters most to you in life. Say YES to joy today.