Released Shows That There's Hope After Prison

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Every week, thousands of people are released from prison and must face the challenges that come with re-entering society. The new OWN docuseries Released follows six of those people as they work to reconnect with their families and find their place in a world that changed during their incarceration.

Some individuals who have served time, as well as their families, watched an advanced screening of Released, and they were touched that the show hit so close to home. "To rehumanize people is really important," says Tim, a man who was incarcerated for eight years.

Linda, a mother whose son was incarcerated for 12 years, was able to relate to the families on the show. "It gives you a different perspective of family members," she says. "Of what they have had to endure having a loved one in prison."

Tune in to the premiere of Released September 30 at 10/9c—only on OWN.

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