Is Financial Stress Pushing Bruce and Kina to the Brink?

Season 1 Episode 108
Aired on 11/18/2017 | CC tv-pg
Bruce sits down with Kina for a candid discussion about the financial stress they've been dealing with. After quitting his job at the brickyard to work closer to home, he has struggled to keep a steady job, and he worries about the burden he has placed on Kina, who is paying most of the bills.

"Life is more expensive that I thought it was going to be, living legally," Bruce says. "It frustrates me and Kina both, you know, that I don't have a job. I think it has been a strain on our relationship, but I do feel like she doesn't voice her opinion enough."

Here, Kina reassures him that they are in it together—and emphasizes that having more money isn't worth it if it means Bruce returning to his old ways.