Released: Kay's Story

Season 1
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Kay was just 18 years old when she began using heroin. It was a costly decision that later led to a lengthy battle with addiction and multiple prison sentences. Now, at age 62, Kay leaves the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women after serving seven years for attempted drug trafficking—her sixth and most difficult prison sentence.

As a mother of four, Kay now must come to terms with the fact that she missed so much of her children's lives, including the formative years of her youngest son, a 17-year-old with Down syndrome. Although she didn't speak to her elder children during her time in prison, she hopes to reconnect with them as she readjusts to life on the outside.

"When I get out, I am free," Kay says, explaining that she won't be burdened by post-release supervision mandates and probation. "I'm just ready to live my life. I'm just ready to go back. I know a whole lot more going out than what I knew coming in."

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