Bruce Feels Torn Between His Family and Friends After His Release from Prison

Season 1 Episode 105
Aired on 10/28/2017 | CC tv-pg
After 15 years in prison, Bruce is finally released and comes home to his girlfriend, Kina, and their infant daughter. His old friends from the neighborhood also want to celebrate his newfound freedom, and Bruce asks for Kina's permission to enjoy a night out with them. She expresses some reservations—"I just want you to be careful out there," she tells him, "you know there's a lot of things going on out here"—but eventually she gives him her blessing, not wanting to throw cold water on his homecoming.

Here, Bruce opens up about how he feels "pulled in different directions" by the competing expectations of his family and friends, and confesses that he, too, is a little worried about some people from the neighborhood maybe wanting him to be "picking up guns and robbing people again".

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