A Small Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way for Kevin

Season 1 Episode 105
Aired on 10/28/2017 | CC tv-pg
Since his release from prison, Kevin has been struggling to find employment and make ends meet. He finally receives some good news: He has been offered a spot in the weeklong boot camp training course to work at a union construction site. Unfortunately, Kevin tells his pastor, he can't afford the gas needed for the two-hour round trip commute.

"What I was thinking about doing, instead of going around asking family members for money, is I'll probably just go and probably sleep in my car or something," Kevin says.

The pastor tells Kevin that he's moved by his story and wants to help him get back on his feet, so he gives him some money for a room during his training. Watch as the pastor's act of kindness gives Kevin's spirits a much-needed boost.

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