Published on Jul 27, 2023 12:00 AM

The World Will Always Challenge You

In this podcast Eckhart talks about the importance of remaining what he calls ‘teachable.’ He cautions us to be aware of the stories, concepts and labels we use to interpret the world. He encourages us to ask ourselves: when we meet someone new, do we give ourselves space to just be, to perceive? Or do we instantly judge and manufacture stories about this person? He ponders when we travel, do we experience awe? Or do we compare it to other places we’ve been? He points out that when we never experience anything new, the sense of aliveness is gone from our lives. Eckhart says we must ask ourselves - who are we without the old narrative, the mental and emotional conditioning which is the result of our self-centered thinking. He points out the world will always challenge us. He says it’s not here to make us happy; it’s here to help us awaken.

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