Published on Jun 27, 2024 12:00 AM

This Moment is the Most Important

In this episode, Eckhart describes the subtleties of what happens when we become present. He says the mind slows down, thinking recedes, awareness rushes in and our preoccupation with the past and future fades. He explains that some people are so obsessed by their history, it consumes their current life. Eckhart says the mind is a wonderful instrument if used in the right way, if not destruction often follows. Eckhart says most of us do not use the mind; it uses us and eventually, we believe we are the mind. He describes this as a disease and a delusion. Eckhart encourages everyone to practice moments of pure awareness. He says presence can be a powerful tool for healing allowing loving kindness to flow through us and affect everything we touch. He says we don’t know yet how it will transform the world, but it most certainly will.

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