Published on Sep 14, 2023 12:00 AM

The Soul of The World

In this podcast Eckhart talks about the soul of the world which in Latin translates to Anima Mundi. He says when we awaken to the transcendent dimension within ourselves, we are then able to discover the soul of the world as our own soul. Eckhart says that's the essence of all spirituality and is the primary reason we are here. Eckhart then answers questions on a variety of subjects: a woman asks what the functional purpose is of becoming more aware. Eckhart explains there are many benefits to awakening - the most obvious is that our lives get easier and more enjoyable. Another audience member asks about the states of consciousness generated during dancing, drumming and meditation... she’s deeply aware of the inner world, but not the outer. She wants to know if that is the same transcendent dimension Eckhart discusses so frequently. He says we must keep a foot in both worlds because the art of living requires this balance.

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