Published on Aug 3, 2023 12:00 AM

The Most Difficult People In Your Life Are Your Greatest Teachers

In this episode, Eckhart says no one person can make us happy because the demand is not only too much, but also an impossible task. He explains falling in love may feel wonderful. The honeymoon starts and everything is beautiful. Until the day comes when we discover our partner has issues or even worse: a very active pain body. He says we might panic, thinking I made a terrible mistake! With humor, Eckhart explains what’s really happening is the relationship no longer masks the real problem: our underlying anxiety and disconnection. He says as long as we look for gratification outside ourselves in people, places and things or what he calls the horizontal dimension, we will always feel like something is missing. He shares that the most difficult people in our lives can become our greatest teachers because they push us to awaken – to step into the vertical or transcendent dimension.

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