Published on May 16, 2024 12:00 AM

The Evolutionary Journey Still Ahead

In this episode, Eckhart talks about how far we have yet to go in our spiritual growth. He says what’s critical is that we transcend our thinking because it’s absolutely necessary for our survival. He says the dysfunction of the ego dates back thousands of years. Eckhart explains we need only look at history for evidence: creating enemies, war and endless cycles of violence. He says the same aberration still exists today. Yet, science and technology have amplified it so greatly that the collapse of civilization and worldwide destruction are imminently possible. Eckhart believes we are in crisis and in order to make a shift we must evolve beyond our current state of consciousness. He says when a critical number of people connect more consistently with their transcendent selves, an entirely new world will be born which Eckhart calls A New Earth. He says that is our destiny and the secret to all life.

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