Published on Jun 22, 2023 12:00 AM

The Deep I Is Pure Light

In this podcast, Eckhart answers questions from a live audience including a father who says he wants to help bring presence into the lives of his active and unconscious teenagers who spend too much time on their devices, computers and cell phones. A woman in the audience says she is interested in manifesting her purpose, but also wonders if it’s necessary to be very specific in the process of manifesting her goals. Another woman asks about identity at what Eckhart calls the “Deep I” level and asks if we are all really the same? Eckhart uses a movie metaphor to explain the “Deep I” by saying in a movie, as individual images appear on a screen, they all come from the same light pouring through the projector. He says the essence of the “Deep I” is like that - it’s pure light. With his signature wisdom and humor, Eckhart brings his unique perspective to these questions and others.

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