Published on Mar 28, 2024 12:00 AM

The Bare Naked Is-ness of the Present Moment

In this episode, Eckhart laughs with his audience. He exclaims there’s hope for humanity when such a big crowd seeks greater consciousness. He also explains that inspiration can quickly turn to perspiration when we encounter obstacles, especially with the people in our lives. He quotes existential philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre who famously said: Hell is other people. While Eckhart believes that is an ego-based perspective, many of us feel that life is full of experiences we shouldn’t have. We think something is wrong with us or that God has a grudge when misfortune strikes. Eckhart says the greatest part of unhappiness comes from our minds and the stories we tell ourselves. He says the answer to life’s struggles will never be found in our thinking. He believes we find freedom when we release our inner baggage, unencumbered, to discover the bare naked is-ness of the present moment.

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