Published on Nov 9, 2023 12:00 AM

Rising Above Our Limited Sense of Self

In this episode Eckhart answers questions from a virtual audience around the world including a young woman struggling with very low self-esteem. Eckhart explains intense self-criticism often originates in childhood. He says affirmations can help – such as: “I am one with the power of all creation.” He explains it’s important to be grateful for the opportunity to heal, because it pushes us to grow beyond our limited sense of self. A young man asks when to stop connecting with dysfunctional family members in his life who are pushing him to the brink. Eckhart explains very unconscious people have no freedom of choice because they are totally controlled by their unconscious conditioning. Eckhart encourages the man to think of visits with his family as a spiritual practice. He says all of life’s difficulties can be a powerful force in our journey to awakening.

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