Published on Jun 29, 2023 12:00 AM

Opportunities For Surrender

In this podcast, Eckhart begins with a few thoughts on meditation. He talks about the Chinese philosophy of Taoism (dow-ism). He says one of its key principles is Wu Wei (woo way) which he explains loosely translated, means non-action or “to sit quietly and do nothing.” Eckhart follows up with a quote from French philosopher Pascal who said, “All the troubles of humanity can be traced back to a person's inability to sit quietly in a room.” Eckhart says we’re so immersed in the outer world that we don’t even think to look inward. He reveals it’s our job to rescue our awareness from this hostage-like-state of unconsciousness. Eckhart says to start by taking small steps in our daily lives and that all of life’s crises big and small are meant to be opportunities for surrender.

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