Published on May 11, 2023 12:00 AM

Narcissus And The First Selfie: Releasing Our Delusions

In this podcast, Eckhart talks about self-seeking. He says many people who are unawakened look for an identity in self-centered thinking. Eckhart explains these people may define themselves through social status, good looks or the accumulation of wealth. Eckhart draws a parallel with the ancient Greek myth of narcissus... a beautiful man who fell in love with himself gazing into a pool of water. Eckhart jokes that this was humanity’s first selfie. He explains this myth is also where the word narcissism comes from. He says the human ego has existed for thousands of years and continues to wreak havoc today. He also warns that technology and social media strengthen the ego. Eckhart advises that whatever identity we have created for ourselves that we wear it loosely, don’t become lost like narcissus. Make a practice of releasing our self-centered delusions.

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