Published on Jul 9, 2019 12:00 AM

Iyanla: Fix My Dysfunctional Sisterhood

Iyanla travels to San Antonio, Texas, to help two sisters, Barbara and Geneva, who are in total breakdown—one was raised uptown by loving, affluent parents; the other was raised downtown in the housing projects. Fifty-eight-year-old businesswoman Barbara wants to rebuild the relationship with the sister she says was sleeping with her boyfriend for years, eventually having a second child with him. For Barbara, her sister's actions were unforgivable, but Iyanla understands there are always two sides to every story. Meeting on neutral ground at a rental home outside San Antonio, Iyanla brings the two sisters together with the hope of helping each sister see the other from a new and different perspective. Later, Iyanla sits down with Geneva's daughter Antoinette (whose father was Barbara's boyfriend) and discovers that Antoinette is repeating her mother’s negative cycle, including getting pregnant at a young age.

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