Published on Nov 5, 2019 12:00 AM

Iyanla: Fix My Abusive Marriage

Iyanla travels to the Dallas area to support a couple in the midst of a serious marriage crisis. OJ and Janetria both admit that their frequent fights turn physical, but neither seems to think this is a real problem--until Iyanla arrives on their couch and asks them to reenact their latest fight. When their petty argument about the dish drain ends with OJ's hands around his wife's neck, Iyanla kicks him out of the house. In trying to understand why Janetria chooses to stay with a man who is prone to abusive conduct, Iyanla uncovers something in Janetria's past that may hold the answer. Later, Iyanla talks with OJ about his actions, bringing him face to face with his mother and sister, who confront him about his angry behavior. By the end of Day One, OJ and Janetria both can see they've been locked in an abusive relationship for years. But whether they choose to stay together or go their separate ways is ultimately up to them.

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