Published on Dec 14, 2023 12:00 AM

Finding Meaning in The Existential Void

In this episode, Eckhart talks about suffering consciously and how to deal with difficult emotions including fear, anxiety and regret. Eckhart also discusses Nihilism - the belief that life is pointless and devoid of meaning. He explains the idea dates back to Darwin and his idea that evolution is a random chain of events involving molecules and atoms aimlessly coming together over millions of years. Eckhart says this very limited, negative view still affects millions of people today. He says Nihilism in its extreme form can lead to despair and even death as many seek to medicate themselves with drugs, alcohol or other substances to escape suffering, alienation and emptiness in their lives. Eckhart explains that we all have a deeper purpose which is connected to the purpose of the universe. He says if we align with that, then we become a bringer of light. Eckhart says the world is in dire need of awakening and we must ask ourselves, “Am I aligned with the light of consciousness?”

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