Published on Aug 31, 2023 12:00 AM

Creative Solutions Come From Stillness

In this podcast, Eckhart answers questions from the audience. A woman is reluctant to experience another life on earth. She asks, “Do we actually choose to reincarnate?” Eckhart says if we’re compulsively reincarnating with every thought and emotion that occurs, then we probably will continue the same dysfunctional pattern not only in the next moment, but in the next life. Another woman asks about how to be a conscious parent. Her teenage daughter feels unmotivated and wants to find her purpose. She’s been partying with her friends and feels aimless. Eckhart says most of us make many mistakes in our lives and that is how we evolve. Lastly, a man who is a technologist and creates virtual worlds says there is a lot of suffering on these platforms. He asks Eckhart about designing social media in conscious ways. Eckhart reminds him that creative solutions come from stillness.

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