Published on Nov 30, 2023 12:00 AM

Confronting The Challenges of Our Present Time

In this episode, Eckhart encourages us to rise up to meet the challenges of the present time. He says the turmoil that exists here and around the globe is an opportunity to grow spiritually. He explains most people do not awaken when they are in their comfort zone because it usually takes a “push” in the form of a crisis. He says if we are not challenged, then the motivation to change is not there. He goes on to say that our external circumstances do not have to determine our fate. He cautions against ‘victim consciousness’ which is what happens when we let the world or other people define our being. He says the most primordial fact is not what happens around us, it’s to maintain our state of awareness. Eckhart explains the only thing that can save the world is a shift in consciousness.

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