Published on May 4, 2023 12:00 AM

Awakening From The Dream State: Finding Balance Between Being And Doing

In this episode, Eckhart talks about the importance of finding balance between Being and Doing. He explains, so many of us get lost in the doing because we’re so focused on external achievements, getting ahead and chasing after what we think constitutes the perfect life. Eckhart adds that when we get lost in doing we’re also propelled by thinking. Eckhart teaches us that thinking is not voluntary. Instead, he says thinking is something that actually happens to us and the movement of thought quickly takes on a life of its own. Eckhart says the unfortunate result is that we’re rendered semi-conscious and living a half-life... as if in a dream. Eckart reveals there is a deeper part of us beyond the dream and also an alert brilliant state of consciousness just waiting to be realized. Miraculously, Eckhart states that the consciousness that is you is the same consciousness that underlies the entire universe.

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