Published on Mar 16, 2023 9:35 AM

Acceptance Is the Way To Transcendence

In this podcast Eckhart answers a variety of questions, a woman asks about identity at the soul level. She asks do we, in our most transcendent form, retain some aspect of individuality even though we all emanate from the one universal consciousness? Another woman shares a story of her granddaughter who has a life-threatening illness. She requests a few moments of “presence” with Eckhart to bring her joy. A wife shares heartbreaking details about her husband who is dying of cancer. She questions if it’s possible to remain conscious. With compassion and care, Eckhart explains that even though it may seem strange, being in the presence of death is an opportunity. He says we learn to suffer consciously and surrender completely. Eckhart says that even during life’s most painful challenges, acceptance is the way to transcendence.

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