Published on Jun 15, 2023 12:00 AM

A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding

In this podcast, Eckhart talks about the “Deep I” and the “Surface I” - two ideas he uses to teach spiritual development. Eckhart says the “Surface I” is our personality and is connected to the horizontal dimension, the realm of our everyday lives. He explains when things start to break down, we see how unstable life can be. All that looks solid one day can begin to crumble... like losing a job, going through a divorce, getting older or losing a loved one. Eckhart says in those moments, our lives are suddenly full of loss and suffering. Eckhart explains why this is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the aspect of ourselves that he calls the “Deep I” or the vertical dimension. He says life’s crises are meant to push us towards transcendence, where he says we will find “a peace that surpasses all understanding.”

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