Destiny's Child performs

December 20, 2001
During her Oprah Show debut in 2001, Beyoncé performed with her Destiny's Child bandmates, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. This chart-topping trio sung tracks off their holiday album, 8 Days of Christmas. Shortly after this performance, Beyoncé, Michelle and Kelly took time off from Destiny's Child to pursue solo projects.
Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce

September 19, 2003
During the summer of 2003, Beyoncé released her first solo album, Dangerously in Love, which became the soundtrack of the summer. A few months after the album's release, Beyoncé returned to The Oprah Show to perform a medley of hits, including "Baby Boy" and "Dangerously in Love."

After dodging questions about her then-rumored boyfriend (and now-husband), Jay-Z, the 22-year-old superstar took it upon herself to teach Oprah some bootylicious dance moves. What does it mean to be bootylicious? Beyoncé defined the term as "beautiful, bountiful and bounceable."
Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce hold Grammys

February 20, 2004
At the 46th annual Grammy Awards, Beyoncé walked away with five Grammys, which tied the all-time record for the most Grammys won by a female artist in one night. Less than a month later, Beyoncé brought her gilded gramophones to Chicago.

"Let's see what five Grammys look like!" Oprah said.
Destiny's Child performs

November 15, 2004
Three years after members of Destiny's Child announced they were taking a break to work on solo projects, Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle reunited on The Oprah Show's stage! After performing a medley of hits, including "Say My Name," "Independent Women" and "Survivor," Beyoncé described how it felt to sing alongside her friends once again. "It's so magical," she said. "Hopefully, we can set an example for other groups, especially female groups, that it's beautiful to support each other and to be secure and to be happy for each other, and it's great when you have that individual success...but still be woman enough and love each other enough to come back."
Beyonce with her mom, Tina, and Oprah Winfrey

November 11, 2005
When she was 24 years old, Beyoncé teamed up with her mother, Tina, to design a fashion line called the House of Deréon, named after Beyoncé's grandmother. The first collection, which they showcased on The Oprah Show, celebrated three generations of style—her grandmother's '40s-inspired style, her mom's '70s-inspired attire and Beyoncé's unique take on trends.

Beyoncé told Oprah that she's known for years that her mother was a fashion designer at heart. "[My mother is] gifted," she said "It just was natural for us to do this line because this is our life."

November 20, 2006
In 2006, Beyoncé took the big screen by storm in the musical-turned-movie Dreamgirls. Beyoncé played the role of Deena Jones, a backup singer whose beauty quickly thrusts her to center stage.

"I've been hearing about Dreamgirls, the musical, since I was 16," she said. "The second my choreographer, Frank, saw me he said, 'You're Deena.' And I was like, 'Who is Deena?' So I've been preparing for this role without even knowing for years."

After sitting down with her co-stars—Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy and Anika Noni Rose—Beyoncé performed "Listen," a song from the film. "This is the moment where Deena finally finds her voice," she explained. "I think a lot of women can relate to the lyrics."
Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce

November 13, 2008
During a whirlwind promotional tour for her album I Am...Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé stopped by The Oprah Show to discuss her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, and her supersecret wedding to Jay-Z. "It was very private, and I can say outside it was paparazzi and it was madness, and inside it was really beautiful," she said.

Beyoncé also refuted claims that she was pregnant—but hinted that motherhood was in her future. "Everybody wants me to be pregnant. They've been saying it for years and years," she said. "I want a family, but there's a time for it, and I'm not ready yet. Maybe in a couple years."
Beyonce performs at Oprah's Farewell Spectacular

May 23, 2011
During the final week of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Beyoncé surprised Oprah during her farewell spectacular. "Oprah Winfrey, because of you, women everywhere have graduated to a new level of understanding of what we are, of who we are and, most importantly, of who we can be," she said.

As a wall behind her parted, Beyoncé's song "Run the World (Girls)" began to play as dancers clad in graduation caps and graduation gowns strutted into position. This showstopping performance had Oprah and thousands of fans dancing in the aisles!
Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce

February 16, 2013
Now, just weeks after her performances at the presidential inauguration and the biggest sporting event of the year, Beyoncé is sitting down with Oprah once again to discuss her documentary Beyoncé: Life Is But a Dream; her daughter, Blue Ivy; and what Jay-Z is like as a father and a husband.

Tune in Saturday, February 16, at 8/7c.

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