What Makes David Oyelowo Proudest About the Film Selma

Aired on 01/04/2015 | CC
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., considered one of the most significant figures of the 20th century, has never been portrayed as the main character in a major motion picture—until now. Actor David Oyelowo was tasked with taking on that role and bringing history to life in Selma, which chronicles the fight for equal voting rights in 1965.

Although the film is set several decades in the past, Oprah and David discuss how relevant Selma is today. "Humanity came together for a cause," David says. "And that's my prayer. That's my hope. And that is what I hope Selma gives us by way of an example as to how we can proceed."

Oprah, who calls David's portrayal of Dr. King "spellbinding," asks the actor what makes him proudest of his experience of creating the film. Watch to find out the answer David gives that takes Oprah by surprise.

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