Matthew Sandusky on Hearing Victim Testimony: "They Were Telling My Story"

Aired on 07/17/2014 | CC
In 2012, former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse. Halfway through the nine-day criminal trial, his adopted son Matthew revealed to police that he had been molested by Jerry Sandusky from the time he was a child.

Before the trial, Matthew had told authorities he had never been abused by his adoptive father. However, as he listened to testimony, he says, he began to remember things that had happened to him. "My child self had protected my adult self. My child self was holding on to what had happened to me and had taken that from me. And so I didn't have these memories of the sexual abuse or with him doing all of the things that he did," he says. "They were telling my story. All of these things start coming back to you."

Matthew says it was a confusing time for him. "You try and figure out what is real and what are you making up," he says.

Meanwhile, he says, the family he grew up with and loved rallied around Jerry Sandusky. "The family came together. That's what they always did. That's what you had to do. It didn't matter," he says. "It was, 'The victims are making this up. They are after money.' ... Whatever the reasons may be that they want to tell themselves, that's what started happening."

Matthew continues to discuss feeling torn between his family and the truth in this exclusive clip.

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