Why Robert Duvall Says Love Should Be the Status Quo

Season 5
Aired on 11/08/2015 | CC
While Robert Duvall was in Argentina filming The Man Who Captured Eichmann, a television movie based on the true story of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, he fell in love. Robert met Luciana Pedraza while walking down the street, and in 2005, the two married. "The real Eichmann was killed in Israel for his sins, and this Eichmann got Luciana," he says. "Of the two, I got the better deal."

Robert keeps a sense of humor about their 41-year age difference. "She said, 'Oh, what will it be like when we grow old together?,' and I said, 'I already am old,'" he jokes. "Love is an important thing, you know. All kinds of love."

Watch as Robert opens up about their shared passion for the tango. Plus, find out why he thinks love should be the "status quo."

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