Usher on the Difficulty of Raising Black Sons in America

Season 6 Episode 603
Aired on 09/23/2017 | CC tv-pg
As a father of two, Grammy-winning R&B artist Usher says he's tried to be mindful of who his boys are and to provide them with the reality of what life looks like before they experience it firsthand. That means, Usher says, that he must teach his sons to be strong and ready to react to whatever comes their way as young black men.

"Because these are young black boys, the reality of how they may be perceived and how they may be treated is more vivid than it's ever been. What I do is just try to teach my kids, you know, respect for themselves, respect for others, in hopes that they'll be able to stay alive through complicated situations," Usher says. "It's the reality of the world that we're living in."

Here, Usher elaborates on the delicate balancing act required in preparing his children for the real world without burdening them with negativity. Plus, the music mogul offers his advice for how to deal with the "veil of racism" enveloping American culture.

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