Tyler Perry's Touching Bond with His Mother

Season 6 Episode 602
Aired on 08/22/2017 | CC tv-pg
Even as a young boy, Tyler Perry understood he had a special ability to make people laugh and bring them joy—a skill he always valued, since his family life was often marred by sadness and abuse perpetrated by his father. And although Tyler's films and television shows have entertained countless millions over his decadeslong career, he says he most cherishes the laughter that came from one particular fan: his late mother.

"The most important for me was my mother—that I could be a source of joy for her, that I could make her smile, that I could make her laugh, that I could tell a joke or that I could dance and see her smile and laugh," Tyler says, his voice catching as her memory comes to mind. "That's what meant the world to me."

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