Steve Harvey's Goals for Himself and His Children

Season 6 Episode 605
Aired on 09/02/2017 | CC tv-pg
Growing up, all Steve Harvey wanted was to make his parents proud. Now, the comedian and entertainer says that goal has shifted—it's his children who Steve wants to make proud.

"I so desperately want them to be proud of me," Steve says of his kids. "I want to have lived my life, man, so that they, so they get it, so they want to jump they self, take chances."

Steve's wife, Marjorie, is also a firm believer in their children taking chances. "Marjorie's motto is, 'Your wings work. Use them.' She says that all the time," Steve adds. "She said [...] 'Let them go fail. Let them get it wrong. Let them get it wrong 'til it hurts.'"

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