Kevin Hart's "One Mistake" That Turned into a Lifelong Lesson About Trust

Season 6 Episode 601
Aired on 06/10/2017 | CC tv-pg
Around the time Kevin Hart entered his teens, he learned a lesson in trust that would stay with him for the rest of his life. It came one afternoon while he was under the care of his after-school babysitter, a kind, grandmotherly woman named Miss Davis.

Typically, Kevin would help Miss Davis with chores around the house, but on this particular day, he joined some neighborhood friends in their destructive game of throwing rocks at cars. Eventually, Kevin threw a rock that broke one car's window, and his friends sold him up the river in an instant. For the rest of the day, Kevin believed wholeheartedly that Miss Davis would tell his mother of the incident. Yet, she didn't.

"I didn't want to make her feel like she made the wrong choices by not telling on me, and for that, hey, you didn't have to worry about ol' Kevin Hart doing nothing," he says. "I made my one mistake. You don't have to worry about nothing else."

To this day, Kevin says his late mother never found out about his transgression. "This is the first time I've even talked about it out loud," he says. "My mom right now is probably pissed off in heaven."

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