How the Beatles Gave James Taylor His Big Break

Season 5 Episode 506
Aired on 11/29/2015 | CC tv-14
In 1968, when James Taylor was just 18 years old, he opted out of college and talked his parents into buying him a ticket to London. James arrived with guitar in hand and set out to travel and play music. After recording his first demo tape, James' friend helped him get it into the hands of Peter Asher, a musician who had just signed on to work for the Beatles' new record label, Apple Records.

After listening to James' demo, Peter arranged an audition with Paul McCartney and George Harrison. "Paul said to Peter, 'This is great. You feel like producing a record for this guy?' And Peter said, 'Yeah, I'll produce him,'" James says. "That was my big break."

At the time, James says it all seemed like an impossible dream. "I mean, I was a huge Beatles' fan. I emulated and stole from the Beatles," he says. "I copied them as much as I could, you know, so it was remarkable."

In the above video, watch as James more about recording his first album.

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