How Steve Harvey's Master Class Interview Is Different from Any Other He's Done

Season 6 Episode 605
Aired on 09/02/2017 | CC tv-pg
Steve Harvey has shared parts of his story in many interviews over the years, but none have gotten to the depths of Oprah's Master Class, he says.

"You come here in this Master Class, they want to dig out the how-to, how-come, why. You know, the how-come, the what-for, the how-so, the thinking process that you had behind it," Steve explains. "It's not merely just questions."

This approach, Steve adds, is of great benefit to the audience, far beyond entertainment value. "If you come to me and instead of trying to get what I've earned and come to me trying to get what I've learned, now you've got something," he says. "That's what these interviews do: They allow you to get what people have learned, and that's far more valuable."

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