How Patti LaBelle Remains "Best Friends" with Her Ex-Husband

Season 5 Episode 505
Aired on 11/22/2015 | CC
Legendary performer Patti LaBelle says the best thing that happened to her when she was a child was her parents' divorce. For years, she says her mother and father had a turbulent marriage, and their constant fighting caused her to break out in hives. "They needed to be away from each other and never to be friends again," she says. "Sometimes you stay friends with your ex. Sometimes you don't."

Unlike her parents, Patti says she and her ex-husband, Armstead Edwards, a man she was married to for 32 years, have remained close friends since their divorce in 2000. "We realized that we couldn't live together anymore," she says. "We liked each other from a distance, you know, so when you feel that, somebody's got to go. And when you leave, leave as friends."

In the above video, Patti reveals why she asked Armstead to marry her after turning down his proposal three times.

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