First Look: Oprah's Master Class with Jeff Bridges

Season 5 Episode 507
Aired on 12/06/2015 | CC
Jeff Bridges hit the small screen early as young boy alongside his father, legendary actor Lloyd Bridges, in television series Sea Hunt, and throughout his career has been applauded for his ability to shine in diverse roles with his "shaggy charm" to wide popularity and respect from critics.

Nominated for an Academy Award six times for films such as, The Contender and Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, he garnered his first win for his turn as a fading country star in Crazy Heart, a role that reunited him with his teenage dream of making music and launched a tour with his band The Abiders.

Jeff shares the joy of returning to music and opens up about his upbringing as a product of Hollywood royalty. In an inspirational moment, Bridges shares his "aimless" approach to his performances, being present and the value of living a happy life.

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