First Look: Kevin Hart on Oprah's Master Class

Season 6 Episode 601
Aired on 06/10/2017 | CC tv-pg
Growing up in North Philadelphia, Kevin Hart never considered becoming a comedian until a co-worker at the shoe store he was working at urged him to try an open mic night at a local comedy club. Today, Kevin is a blockbuster comedic force, selling out venues like Madison Square Garden and breaking box-office records in movies like Get Hard, Central Intelligence and The Secret Life of Pets, making him the highest-earning comedian of 2016.

On the season premiere of Oprah's Master Class, Kevin opens up about both his professional journey and his personal life, explaining that no matter how successful and famous he gets, his strong upbringing by his dedicated mother, as well as his difficult relationship with his father, taught him to value his wife and his children above all else.

Tune in to the season premiere with Kevin Hart on Saturday, June 10, at 10/9c.

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