It's not just another dating show. After a nationwide search, Oprah Winfrey chose Kingsland, Georgia, to be transformed into Lovetown, USA, and challenged its residents to "be the love" for 30 days. Now, you can be part of this first-of-its-kind social experiment by hosting a weekly viewing party.


For eight weeks, take TV viewing to the next level by inviting friends, neighbors and family members to spread the love. Plus, read on for great ideas for food, drinks and décor as well as ways to engage your guests through random acts of love.

Oprah's Love Sandwich

Let love inspire you in the kitchen. Serve Oprah's signature sandwich—a gooey creation she only makes for the people she really cares about—or re-create another dish from Oprah's recipe box. If you're hosting friends and neighbors, encourage them to bring a favorite family recipe—along with enough recipe cards to pass around.


Whether you're hosting an intimate party for two or inviting the entire neighborhood, we have you covered. From romantic cocktails and kid-friendly punches to a peach margarita that would make Georgia—home of Lovetown, USA—proud, these drink recipes are sure to please any palate.

Oprah's Lovetown DÉCOR AND MORE
Saint Valentine doesn't hold the monopoly on hearts and roses. Create your own Lovetown at home. Write thoughtful notes to your guests on their place cards, decorate the den with photos of loved ones and set out a bowl of conversation heart candies...if you can find them in the summertime! Plus, get more hosting tips and beat-the-heat fashion advice.
Kingsland children RANDOM ACTS OF LOVE
Encourage your guests to open their hearts and transform your community by planning a Sunday afternoon volunteer project collecting canned goods or gently used clothes for charity, or penning anonymous love letters and distributing them around town. Find more ways to spread the love.