Sam Reveals Why He Won't Grow Up

Season 3 Episode 317
Aired on 07/29/2016 | CC tv-pg
Episode 317: "Scared"

Danny and Troy are thrilled with their newfound freedom now that they have the apartment to themselves. Danny is still under the impression that Sam has found a new place, and he assumes his best friend is happy. But Sam, unable to face Danny and tell him the truth, has resorted to living on the streets.

At the diner, Hattie and Floyd grow concerned about Sam as he lingers at the diner every night having no where to stay. Taking pity on him, Hattie offers to let him stay at her house, but Sam turns her down. Sam is desperate—but not desperate enough to move in with Hattie. He also feels he deserves his current living arrangement since he didn't listen to Danny in the first place.

Floyd suggests that Sam stay in a hotel, but Sam explains that he can't afford it. In one last-ditch effort, Sam asks Floyd if he can stay with him. Floyd refuses and, fed up with him, orders Sam to leave, reminding him not to disturb Danny and Troy with his predicament.

Sam disregards Floyd's warning and returns to the apartment in a panic, calling for Danny. Danny isn't there but Drew hears his calls and eventually relents. She agrees to let him stay for one night. Sam hopes that Drew will allow him to stay longer, but Drew thinks Sam is too nosy and immature to be her roommate. Disheartened, Sam admits that he's always been resistant to growing up because of his acute fear of failure. Sam feels that every decision he's faced with is a struggle, and he admires Drew for how much she's accomplished on her own. Drew reminds him that he's also doing well and that everyone feels afraid and overwhelmed at times. Seeing how downtrodden her friend is, Drew finally offers to let Sam live with her permanently, but only after a trial run.

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