Hattie Gives Love Advice to Drew

Season 4
Aired on 08/19/2017 | CC tv-14
Drew is more confused than ever after Sam confesses his love to her. By asking her a few revealing questions, Hattie helps Drew get to the bottom of her feelings.

"When he walks out the door, do you miss him?" Hattie asks.

"Yeah, actually, I do," Drew admits.

"Does he make your heart go pitter-patter?"

"He does," Drew says. " But it's Sam, Miss Hattie. I can't be involved with him."

"If he move on and be with somebody else, would you care?" Hattie asks.

After giving it some thought, Drew realizes that the answer is yes. But before Hattie lets Drew leave to go find Sam, she gives her with one last nugget of pure Hattie gold. "If you find that you have no need for Sam, send him right on over here," she says, leaning back. "I can find many things to do with Sam."

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