Linda Sows Discord Between the Newlyweds

Season 3 Episode 314
Aired on 07/08/2016 | CC tv-pg
Episode 314: "Who You Know"

Linda has a special game night in store for the gang. They all gather together for a round of Who You Know, where players pair off into teams and are then tested on their knowledge of their respective teammates. Linda ensures that Danny is paired with his new wife, hoping to expose their limited knowledge of each other. Hattie and Floyd worry that the new couple won't fare well in the game, given their speedy courtship and nuptials.

First up, Drew and Sam prove to have a thorough knowledge of each other—more so than they'd like. In fact, the pair score better than the other actual couples. When it's Danny and Troy's turn, Linda and the others think their first question is too easy. That is, until Danny gets it wrong. Danny was convinced that Troy's favorite color is purple, but it turns out to be brown, and Troy is dismayed by Danny's ignorance of her.

It only gets worse from there for the couple. Troy doesn't know Danny's favorite dessert—caramel popcorn—and everyone else does. Both Danny and Troy grow increasingly agitated, and Hattie suggests that they stop the game, but Linda is having too much fun reveling in the conflict. Troy fails again, incorrectly guessing Danny's favorite sleeping position, and the couple's bickering spirals into a full-fledged fight.

While the newlyweds hash it out in the kitchen, Hattie gives her daughter an earful for intentionally driving a wedge between Danny and Troy, and insists that they stop the game. However, Danny and Troy soon return, reinvigorated and determined to redeem themselves.

The final question for Danny and Troy: What time did they get married? Once again, Troy gets it wrong, and Danny is hurt that she doesn't remember. Following Hattie's lead, the gang feigns sleepiness to let Troy and Danny off the hook and finally put an end to the contentious game. Once the others have left, Danny and Troy reflect on what their failure at the game could mean for their marriage. They resolve to work hard to get to know each other better, and are committed to making their relationship work for the long haul.

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