Linda Discovers Hattie Faked Her Death

Season 3 Episode 320
Aired on 08/19/2016 | CC tv-pg
Hattie frantically summons Floyd over at three in the morning, explaining that she's in a jam and wants the whole family there for backup. When Floyd arrives, Hattie begs him to call Linda, despite the late hour. As soon as Floyd mentions Hattie, Linda assumes the worst— She believes her mother is dead. When Floyd and Hattie realize Linda's mistake, Hattie attempts to set her straight. But Linda has dropped the phone in her agonized state and can't hear Hattie or Floyd. However, they can still hear Linda. They listen while Linda calls Danny and the two wail together, as they grieve for Hattie. Hattie is pleased to learn that her daughter and grandson love her enough to be this distraught at her passing.

When the call finally drops, Floyd assumes they're on their way over to Hattie's and he plans to call Linda back to tell her what's really happening. Hattie puts him off, since she wanted Hattie and Danny to come over anyway, but Floyd thinks they should at least tell them that she is alive and well. Hattie insists on waiting for their arrival. Meanwhile, Floyd questions why Hattie called him over so late in the first place. Hattie says she has a problem, but doesn't want to reveal what it is until the rest of the family arrives.

While they're waiting for Linda and Danny, Drew and Sam show up instead, having heard the false news. When they see that Hattie is still alive, they're outraged and demand to know what's really going on. Before anyone has a chance to explain, Linda bursts through the door wailing in Philip's arms, followed by Danny and Troy. When Hattie reveals that she's actually alive, Linda and Danny are furious and want an explanation. Hattie claims she's facing a dilemma and she wanted her family there for support, but Linda and Danny are so angry at her deception, they storm out the door.

Philip lingers behind, concerned that something serious might be bothering Hattie. While he checks on her, Hattie abruptly collapses in his lap. Philip calls the rest of the family back when he can't feel her pulse and she doesn't seem to be breathing. Everyone gathers around her, now concerned that she might really be in peril. Just then, Hattie pops ups, startling them all. Now appalled by her mind games, Hattie's friends and family leave her to face her troubles alone.

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