Hattie Panics When Linda Moves Back In

Season 3 Episode 319
Aired on 08/12/2016 | CC tv-pg
Episode 319: "I Want My Mamma"

After Linda's doctor tells her she needs bed rest, Linda insists on staying at her mother's place for care and support. When Philip brings Linda to Hattie's house, Hattie is dead set against her daughter moving back in with her. She's been enjoying her newfound freedom and independence since Linda moved out, and is extremely resistant to Linda's request. Philip offers to take care of Linda instead but Linda is insistent: "Whenever I'm sick, my mamma takes care of me," she says.

Philip assumes he'll be staying at Hattie's with his wife, but Linda has other plans. She wants to stay there alone with her mamma and she quickly sends Philip packing. Hattie makes one final plea for Philip to help her, but he reminds her that she was the one who suggested he "just agree" with his wife.

Once Philip has made himself scarce, Hattie nervously asks Linda how long she plans to stay with her. "Just a few weeks," Linda says, "or until the baby's six months old." This sends Hattie into a full-fledged panic.

Later, at the diner, Hattie's erratic behavior leaves Floyd wondering why she's so on edge. When Philip shows up, he soon learns why. Philip explains Linda's new living arrangement and Floyd puts two and two together. Hattie is at her wits end after a sleepless night caring for Linda. She's finally had enough and orders Philip to pick Linda up. Philip starts to worry about what will happen to Linda if she continues to stay with her increasingly aggravated mother.

At Hattie's, Philip tells his wife that he misses her and that he wants her to come home, but Linda says she's comfortable where she is. He begs her—launching into an impromptu serenade —and she finally relents, knowing that her husband will take good care of her. As soon as she agrees, Philip rushes her out the door to avoid running into Hattie. They manage to make it out the back door just before Hattie arrives. When Hattie realizes her house is empty once more, she collapses on the couch eager to enjoy the peace and quiet.

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