On the season finale of Love Thy Neighbor, a storm is brewing... a real-life storm with wind, hail, thunder and lightning that has everyone scared and running for shelter. Danny, Sam, Floyd and Drew decide to take cover at Hattie's house when they hear on the news that their apartment building is in the direct path of the storm. Worse yet, the phone lines are down and Danny can't check on his mom and grandmother to be sure that they are okay.

Once they arrive at Hattie's house, they find that Linda and Hattie are shocked that anyone would go out and drive in such a storm. Hattie knows the real truth behind Danny putting everyone in danger: He's afraid of the dark! Regardless of his true reasons for coming over, the family and friends huddle together because they have no other choice until the storm passes. As everyone settles in, they begin to reminisce over the good—and bad—times that they have all had together. From Hattie constantly telling Floyd to shut up, to Linda threatening to call the IRS on Hattie, to Danny being lost one drunken night, they re-live some of their most defining moments. Sam even catches some of the action, when Danny recalls some of his lowest moments, from his epic parties to that time when he thinks he slept with Hattie (no one ever let Sam in on the joke that it was all a ruse!). Drew tries to jump on the bash-on-Sam bandwagon, but instead, Sam fondly remembers some of Drew's moments, like the time she stuffed her rear-end and bra to look curvier for a date that ended up canceling on her at the last moment.

The group agrees that they have had some great times, and that even at their worst, they have come together in support of one another. In the end, they know that it will always be interesting, and that at the very least, they will always have each other.