Drew walks out of her apartment and notices a large man, covered in tattoos, leaving a note on Danny and Sam's front door. Noticing that he looks mean and wondering what is going on, she goes into the boys' apartment, bringing the note with her. Drew, Danny and Sam realize that the letter is a direct threat to Danny, stating that he's going to be punished for sleeping with a married woman. They figure out quickly that the man at the door was this mystery woman's husband and he has somehow gotten ahold of Danny's name and address. Danny denies sleeping with a married woman, but is scared nonetheless. Floyd joins the friends in their apartment, and everyone agrees that Danny is in real danger and that he shouldn't stay in the apartment.

Everyone heads over to Hattie's house, filling Linda and Hattie in on the situation. Hattie asks everyone to leave, not wanting the danger to follow Danny to her house, and Linda decides to go home with Danny and Sam to help keep an eye out for any potential trouble. As they are deciding what to do for the evening, an out of breath and scared-looking Drew runs into the apartment. She has just seen the tattooed man downstairs in the apartment lobby, entering the elevator, and she ran up the stairs to warn the boys about the impending intruder.

Just as the scorned husband pounds on Danny and Sam's front door, Hattie shows up. Convinced that her Danny would never sleep with a married woman, Hattie brings the man into the boys' apartment to straighten everything out. It turns out that Sam was actually the one who slept with the man's wife, and he used the name "Danny" to protect himself. When the man realizes that it's really Sam that he is looking for, he takes him out into the hallway and beats him up. Sam is bruised and battered, but lives to tell the tale.