After hours at the Love Train Diner, Linda, Floyd and Hattie are cleaning up and closing down when Danny walks in, wanting to hang out with his three favorite elders. Hattie makes her opinion on the matter clear: Danny needs to hang out with young people, not the old folks and his mother! Linda is the only one who thinks it's still cute that Danny likes hanging out with her, but when Floyd and Hattie find him playing patty-cake with his mom, they make a strong case for Danny needing to go out, to have fun and maybe even to party with Sam once in a while.

Danny decides to start small and takes himself out for ice cream. He then rushes home and convinces Sam to take him out to a party that night. After Danny reassures Sam that he won't complain at the party, Sam finally agrees to take his roommate along.

That same night, Hattie and Linda are awakened in the early hours of the morning by a knock at the door. It's Sam, and he's in a panic because he can't find Danny. He reveals that after going into a club, they somehow got separated, and now Danny is nowhere to be found.

After looking everywhere, Hattie, Linda, Sam and Floyd return to Danny and Sam's apartment, exhausted. Linda starts thinking the worst and goes into hysterics. Just then, a very drunk Danny shows up at the door with two beautiful women, one on each arm. Danny can barely hold himself up. Instead of simply being relieved that he is safe, Linda berates Sam for being a terrible influence on Danny, and also blames Hattie and Floyd for her son getting into a dangerous situation.

The next morning at the diner, a very hungover and apologetic Danny gets a heartfelt lecture from his grandmother. Hattie tells him that he should be enjoying his youth and going out to have a good time but that he needs to find a balance between making responsible choices and having fun—that going out and getting so drunk that he comes home with strange women like he did the previous night does not constitute making a responsible choice and that he should never do it again. Danny agrees, having learned his lesson.